Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer 2016

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Editor: Catherine D. Kobasiuk 

General Meetings

Stay Educated! For our July 7th General meeting we will have Rhonda Klch returning as our guest speaker Rhonda Klch is the President/CEO and Founder of Equity First, LLC, an organization that specializes in providing financial guidance for both businesses and consumers.Base on a survey taken during our May general meeting, Rhonda will be conducting a short seminar on financial planning, with the primary focus on retirement and post retirement planning. She will also be available for private advice.

Instead of a guest speaker for the August General Meeting on we will be showing a series of short videos by the Nature Conservancy on water quality on Long Island. One of the videos showcases Mastic Beach. Bring your family, neighbors and friends.


Reminders of best practices for using the MBPOA Marina are as follows: Carry-In/Carry-Out: no garbage should be left anywhere on the Marina property. Please take all of your trash with you. No fileting or cleaning of fish in the Marina and no dumping of bait, or fish waste into the Marina. No discharging of sewage into the Marina water. A Brookhaven Town pump out boat can be arranged on VHF Channel 73 or go to the Forge River Town Marina to use the pump out there.

No reckless driving in the marina parking lot. It is a hazard to life and property and it damages the parking lot itself. Please do not just watch your wake when entering or leaving the Marina, eliminate your wake. Guards have the authority to tell you to slow down and report you to the dock master. If other marina users say you are going too fast, then you are going too fast. Please be considerate of your neighbors and have a safe summer.

Section 1 Park/ Beach

The park/beach at the end of Marina 1 is for members not customers with ramp passes. Please obey all posted rules and take your garbage with you when you leave. Please go to the Bayview Park kayak launch to launch your kayaks not the beach at the end of Marina 1. Jet ski's are personal water craft and have no business being on the beach and playing in the mouth of the marina. The rules according to the NYS Boaters Guide are:

Swim Areas - no operation permitted within 500 feet of a designated swim area, except in bodies of water where the opposing shoreline is less than 500 feet or when launching and retrieving a PWC from a designated launch site. PWC must not exceed 10 mph when within this zone.

Reckless Operation - strictly prohibited, examples of such operation would be:

• wake jumping too close to other vessels

• weaving through congested traffic

• last minute swerving to avoid collision.

Any members who have a complaint with a jet ski are urged to call in a complaint to the Suffolk County Police.