Friday, August 16, 2013

August 2013

 Editor: Catherine D. Kobasiuk Assistant: Marina Kobasiuk

July General Meeting

The July General Meeting was Presided over by Vice-President Michael Kobasiuk. A lovely thank you letter was read by Recording Secretary Catherine Kobasiuk from our Scholarship winner Samuel Keymel. After the business portion of the meeting was concluded we had a very informative presentation by Sylvia Murdolo from the Suffolk County Office of Emergency Management. Sylvia handed out a lot of information pamphlets and had many slides to show. Following the committee reports Jane Koropsak stood up and described her experience with the RING being moved from BNL to the Smith Point Marina. It sounded very exciting. The 50/50 was $14 and was won by Director Barbara Fitzgerald. Barbara donated her winnings back to the MBPOA. Thank you Barbara!

August General Meeting

We will be celebrating our 85th Anniversary at the August General Meeting on Thursday August 1st . All members are encouraged to attend. We will be swapping our favorite memories of the MBPOA. There will be cake and punch.

Marina and Beach Report

Work was done at Marina 1 Beach. The fence was lifted and reset with concrete. Thanks to Vice-President Michael Kobasiuk, Director Frank Delustro, Eddie Ambrose, Jim Griffin and Richie Stevenson of All Island Tree. The picnic tables have been rearranged and are in the process of being mended.

Working on the Fence at Marina 1 Beach- 
Photo By

There are still slips available to rent if anyone has family or friends who need a dock spot.

The MBPOA is in the process of obtaining a maintenance permit from the Village of Mastic Beach for the docks on Patersquash Creek.

By this printing all the electric at Marina 1 should be operational.

Vice-President Michael Kobasiuk, Richie Stevenson, Jim Griffin, Eddie Ambrose, and Director Frank Delustro – Photo by

Many Hands Make Light Work

A request for student volunteers has been published in the St. Jude Bulletin. If anyone has children or grandchildren who need to accumulate volunteer hours please have them call Recording Secretary Catherine Kobasiuk at 281-8430. There will be a work party arranged in August.

Important Notice for Boaters
Due to the Blue Claw Crab Festival the ramp at Marina 1 will be closed Sunday August 25th. Please launch your boat at the ramp at Marina 5.

There will be no overnight parking from Saturday August 24th until Monday August 26th on the east side of Marina 1 and no daytime parking from noon Saturday until Sunday evening on the east side also.

Thank You for your cooperation!

Fund Raising

The MBPOA will be raffling off a New 3000 Watt Balckmax Generator. It has a 2.5 gallon tank and has 120 V 30 Amp Outlet. Tickets are $5 each.

We will also be raffling off a Coors Adirondack chair and two rolling coolers and beach umbrellas. Tickets will be $1 each.

Music By the Bay

Music By the Bay was a great success. A complete report will be in the next newsletter.

New Marina Rules

Many people have been asking about our new Carry In – Carry Out policy and what the purpose of it is. We believe that by asking our members to take responsibility for their waste that they will become more aware of the impact it has on our environment, facilities and their neighbors. This will encourage them to recycle their waste products and use reusable items when practicable.

Having a carry in- carry out policy eliminates the need for unsightly and odoriferous trash receptacles that detract from the beauty of the marinas. Not having trash at the marinas will increase safety by reducing the number of bees and wasps and will keep the local wildlife from rooting through the garbage and spreading it about. We will not have to supply plastic trash bags or pay for garbage disposal which will save the MBPOA money which we can then use to improve our marinas.

The MBPOA marinas are in a transitional period. As of right now we have eliminated the garbage cans that used to line the marinas and have only one dumpster per marina. This will allow the members to learn the new rules and adjust to taking responsibility for their own trash. In the future we will be eliminating these dumpsters.

We hope these changes will make visiting our marinas a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Blue Claw Crab Festival

The 9th Annual Blue Claw Crab Festival will be held on Sunday August 25th at Marina 1 from 10 am until 6pm. It will be a fun filled day of music, vendors and a variety of food items, including blue claw crabs, clams, shrimp and crab cakes.

Help is need in the following areas:
  • Set Up and Preparation
  • Ticket Sales
  • Cooking Crabs and Crabcakes
  • Clam Shucking
  • Serving Food
  • Serving Beer, Wine and Soda
  • MBPOA Registration Table
  • Raffle Table
  • Clean Up after the Festival
  • Transporting Items back to the Clubhouse.

Please call the office at 399-6111 if you are available to help at any time during the event.

Snapper Derby

The annual Snapper Derby for Children 5-12 years will be held on Saturday August 17th at the south end of Marina 1 on Riviera Drive. The Snapper Derby is free and is sponsored by the MBPOA and the Mastic Beach Yacht Club. Sessions are scheduled from 10:00 am to 11:00 am and 11:00 and to 12:00 Noon. Fisherman are asked to bring their own poles (preferably a snapper pole) and are not permitted to use a reel. Parents can bait hooks, but cannot fish. Bait will be provided.

Prizes will be awarded and hot dogs and soda will be served to the children at the Mastic Beach Yacht Club after each session. It is always a fun day for the kids and parents. Sign-in is fifteen minutes before each session. Do not for get your camera!

Monthly Calendar

Aug. 1st 85th Anniversary - General Meeting 7:30 PM
Aug. 2nd Country Dancing 7:30 PM
Aug. 4th Smith Point Triathlon
Aug. 9th Meet and Greet Clubhouse Bar
Aug. 15th Board of Directors 7:00PM
Aug. 16th Country Dancing 7:30 PM
Aug. 17th Snapper Derby – Section 1 Marina
Aug. 23rd Meet and Greet Clubhouse Bar
Aug. 25th MBPOA Crab Fest – Section 1 Marina
Aug. 30th Club House Closed

Printable PDF of the August 2013 Newsletter is here

July 3013

Editor: Catherine D. Kobasiuk Assistant: Marina Kobasiuk

June General Meeting 
After roll call President Gerald Ludwig introduced our distinguished attendees; past President Gerry Riebe , BNL liaison Jane Koropsak and Bill Doyle from Senator Lee Zeldin's office. After the financial reports were read and the reading of the minutes was dispensed with President Ludwig thanked Sonny Venneri and Mary Clark for going to the William Floyd High School Award Presentation to present the MBPOA scholarship to Samuel Keymel.
The first guest speaker was BNL liaison Jane Koropsak. She explained the funding situation at BNL and then showed a wonderful video called “Smashing Matters” about the importance of pure scientific research. You can get more information at
After the correspondence was read our second guest speaker was Bill Doyle from State Senator Lee Zeldin's office. He passed along Senator Zeldin's thanks for our participation in the Tri-Hamlet Day and handed out thank-you's to two of our Directors for working on the Tri-Hamlet Renaissance Project, Kevin Collins and Larry Tellefsen. Among other things he handed out booklets and fliers on the Tri-Hamlet Renaissance Project, Post Sandy help and peer to peer counseling for Vets suffering with PTSD.
Committee reports were dealt with next with a note that there are still boat slips available if anyone needs one. Please recommend us to your family and friends.
Director Maura Spery announced that her new project website is up and running
Members were urged to attend the Village of Mastic Beach meetings if they have things to say or need information. The 50/50 of $17 was won by Director Larry Tellefsen.

July General Meeting and Guest Speaker

The July General Meeting is being moved to July 11th due to the Fourth of July holiday. Our guest speaker this month will be from the Suffolk County Office of Emergency Management.
They will be speaking about hurricane preparedness.

Marina Report 
Director Chris Zarcone Working at Marina 5
Repair work continues at both Marina's. Director Chris Zarcone got the water working at Marina 5. Director Mike Giangrasso and his team got the water working at Marina 1. We have gotten approval to start fixing the electric on the west side of Marina 1. This will be done as soon as possible. There are now port-a-potties at both Marinas. Please tell your children and neighbors to stay out of the construction site at Marina 5. 

Vice President Michael Kobasiuk Working at Marina 5

  New Marina Rules

You will notice that there are no garbage cans at the marinas anymore. In an interest to save money to facilitate repairing more Sandy damages we are instituting a CARRY IN – CARRY OUT policy. This concept has become very popular at National and State parks. In essence it is simply this; you do not leave anything behind at the facility. You take all your refuse home and dispose of it appropriately. It will take a little planning ahead but many families do this already so as to be able to recycle their waste conscientiously. It has never been allowed to clean fish at the docks so no fishermen should have trouble bringing home their unused bait and disposing of it with their fishing waste. Don't forget to pick up after your dogs also.

Many Hands Make Light Work

The beautification committee at Marina 5 is in the process of repairing and filling the planters. If anyone who docks at Marina 5 wishes to adopt a planter to fill and nurture please leave a message at the clubhouse. Volunteers are need also for the beautification of Marina 1. Please call the clubhouse to sign up. Repair work for the beach at Section 1 especially the fence is being organized by Director Frank Delustro. If you like to use this beach please volunteer by calling the clubhouse.

Music By the Bay

Music by the Bay,” will be taking place on Saturday, July 27, from 6 to 10p.m. This free-to-the-public family event will take place at Marina One, located at Riviera Drive and Elm Rd in Mastic Beach.

In addition to the live entertainment featuring a mix of rock, blues and indie folk suitable for all ages, food and drinks will be available for purchase(due to permit restrictions outside coolers and alcoholic beverages are not allowed) There will be table and chairs for the handicapped and disabled but attendees are urged to bring lawn chairs and blankets for comfortable seating. Remember your bug spray.
The Entertainment line-up is as follows:  Touch of Grey may be one of Long Island’s newest and hottest cover bands. Black Circle Project Four veterans of the local music scene. And Pandafan is indie-folk.
Come down and enjoy this annual MBPOA tradition.

MBPOA Tag Sale Report

On June 15th , a gorgeous sunny day, the MBPOA had the first annual Tag Sale to benefit the Marinas. There were a lot of unique items for sale and there was a great turnout by our community. Unsold items were donated at the end of the day to Big Brothers/Big Sisters who sent a truck which was filled up when it left the MBPOA. A big thank-you goes out to Director Fred and Patti Tims, Director Barbara Fitzgerald and Bruce Summa who donated things for the MBPOA table. Really big thank-you's to Director Maureen Getchell and Director Michelle Wilkinson for all their hard work. And thank you to all who helped set up and clean up afterward.

Country Line Dance Lessons
Now Offered

Beginning July 2, Country Line Dance lessons will be every other Tuesday evening for July and August.
Those dates are 7/2, 7/16, 7/30, 8/13 and 8/27.
From 7:30 to 8:15 PM Beginner - Beginner.
From 8:30 to 10:00 Intermediate - Advanced.
$6 for MBPOA  members
$8 for Guests
No refreshments will be served, so you can bring your own water.
All beginners are encourage to stay and try the intermediate and advanced lessons.
This is a great low impact cardio/social opportunity for most age groups!
Come on out and give it a try!

Tri-Hamlet Day

Director Kevin Collins at Tri Hamlet Day
On June 1st the second annual Tri-Hamlet Day was a huge success for the MBPOA. Director Kevin Collins helped organize while Directors Fred Tims and Bill Hack cooked free hotdogs and hamburgers for the attendees. Directors Maureen Getchell and Maura Spery set up a slide show presentation inside the clubhouse about the history of the MBPOA and handed out our booklets about the Mastic Beach Community's history.
Thank you to everyone who helped or who attended.

Monthly Calendar

July 5th Country Dancing 7:30 PM
July 11th General Meeting 7:30PM
July 12th Meet and Greet Clubhouse Bar
July 18th Board of Directors 7:00PM
July 19th Country Dancing 7:30 PM
July 26th Meet and Greet Clubhouse Bar
July 27th Music By the Bay 6-10 PM
Coming Soon
Aug. 1st 85th Anniversary
Aug. 17th Snapper Derby
Aug. 25th MBPOA Crab Fest

Printable PDF of the July 2013 Newsletter is here