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October 2013 Newsletter

Editor: Catherine D. Kobasiuk Assistant: Marina Kobasiuk

A Letter from Our President

Members, Directors, and employees of the MBPOA,

On Friday September 13, 2013 we filed and served a Notice of Claim on the village of Mastic Beach, the Board of Trustees, and various current and former village officials. This is a legal notice that gives the MBPOA 1 year (in state court) to sue the Village. It simply puts them on notice that we are fed up with some of their practices.

One of the village's first resolutions as a government was not to better Mastic Beach, it was to file and serve a summons and complaint in the New York State Supreme Court to appropriate our waterfront property, that belongs to the deeded lot owners who live in the original 10 Sections of Mastic Beach, which has been under the stewardship of the MBPOA for generations.

Despite the pending lawsuit to determine the rightful owner of the waterfront property, we feel the village has engaged in a pattern and practice of intentionally and maliciously depriving, or seeking to deprive, the Mastic Beach Property Owners Association and our members of our rights and property. From its inception, the village of Mastic Beach, its trustees, officials, agents, employees, and others have conspired against the Mastic Beach Property Owners Association and her members.

We have tried in vain over the past three years to work with the village. Over that period of time it has become apparent that the village has been abusing its governmental powers and acting with unfettered discretion. As stated in the Notice of Claim, "...the village intentionally, negligently, wantonly, and maliciously seek to bankrupt Claimant (MBPOA) by preventing Claimant from conducting normal business of and relating to the operation of its marinas and annual festivals…” The full lawsuit is available upon request. We have tried honestly to work with the village, unfortunately to no avail. There is something wrong here. We have successfully served the residents of Mastic Beach for the past 85 years by working cooperatively with the town, county, state and federal governments. We have to ask, why won't the village work with us?

It is sad that our wonderful community has to endure this type of bullying and harassment by our local government. We will not stand to have the village and others further abuse their authority to target members and friends of the MBPOA. As we have done for the past 85 years we will continue to protect the waterfront, the membership and our assets. The Mastic Beach Property Owners Association is ready to protect the rights of the membership. The MBPOA encourages anyone who also feels that the village has taken unfair advantage of him or her or abused its governmental power to contact either Maura Spery, Chairperson of the Legal Committee at the MBPOA office.

The MBPOA is only as strong as it membership. We are looking forward to a fall and winter season of activities and events for the entire community and we will see you at the General Meeting on October 3.

In solidarity I thank you,
Jean San Martin

 September General Meeting

The September general meeting was interesting and informative. After the the financial reports and the reading of the previous months minutes we were given event reports. Director Maura Spery gave a report on the Music By the Bay, it was a great success. Then Director Lynne DeBona gave a report on the Crabfest, we did very well at our biggest fundraiser of the year. Director Bill Hack gave a report on the Snapper Derby, we had the biggest turnout ever.

After the committee and event reports Bill Doyle from Senator Lee Zeldin's office spoke about dune rebuilding and NY Rising. Then Maria Brady from the Mastic Beach Ambulance Company gave us a presentation and demonstration of compression only CPR. There is no breathing done with this method.

If you see a teen or adult suddenly collapse, call 9-1-1 and push hard and fast in the center of the chest to the beat of the classic disco song "Stayin' Alive." CPR can more than double a person's chances of survival, and "Stayin' Alive" has the right beat for Hands-Only CPR. You can learn more at this site:

The meeting was concluded with the 50/50 which was won by Ed Ambrose.

October General Meeting
In lieu of a guest speaker this month we will be having a casual presentation and spirited discussion on the community reconstruction plan, a'la New York Rising. Please come and participate.
Night at the Races:
Saturday, November 2nd is our Autumnal Night at the Races. Dinner will be $20 and include a delicious dinner of a half chicken, potatoes, vegetable, coffee & dessert. Beer and wine are included. Tickets must be reserved and paid in full at the October General Meeting or by calling the office at 399-6111. 

Country Dance Lessons

Line Dance lessons are on Monday's at 7:30 PM until 10:00 PM. We teach beginners to intermediate and advanced. The cost is Guest $8 and Members $6. Bring your own refreshments.
Kids Halloween Party
We will be having a party for all the children of this wonderful community up to the age of 12. On Friday October 25, 2013 from 4-7pm. We provide candy, cookies, drinks and treats, as well as a mummy wrap game, freeze dance, music, face painting, lollipop ghosts and paint your own pumpkin. Bring the kids and enjoy an afternoon of SPOOKtackular fun at the MBPOA clubhouse.

Blue Claw Crab Festival

Our Ninth Annual Blue Claw Crab Festival was once again a success due to the many MBPOA volunteers who planned, set up the event site, sold tickets, cooked the seafood, served the food, beer, and other beverages, announced the musical entertainment, sold raffles, sold merchandise, and the clean-up crew who worked hours after the event. Our sincere thanks to all the volunteers who were too many to mention. A extra thank you to Vice President Michael Kobasiuk for being the money manager for the day and keeping all our ticket sellers organized.
Special thanks to:
  • Terrie Cicerelli who for the past nine years has done a great job coordinating the unique variety of vendors
  • SC Grant from Legislator Kate Browning for the music
  • Ray Hopp of Colonial Youth and Family Services and the volunteers, who worked tirelessly throughout the day.
  • Bill & Pat Hack for the use of their motor home
  • Grand Am Recreational Vehicles for their help transporting the motor home
  • Mastic Seafood for supplying all the seafood and their refrigeration truck
  • Bay Gas for their donation of propane
  • Montauk Bus for providing the shuttle bus
  • Town of Brookhaven for the barricades and refuse receptacles
Despite some parking issues where cars were ticketed or towed by order of the Village of Mastic Beach, the Ninth Annual Blue Claw Crab Festival was a wonderful day and one more thank you to all who made it a success.
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Meet & Greet Fridays

Ever Friday night is a get together at the Clubhouse. The bar is open to our members and their guests and this is a good opportunity to meet new people, play darts, enjoy card games, or just enjoy conversation. Lite fare is available at a small cost to cover expenses.

Menu of food available for purchase:
  • 10/11 – Chili Dogs
  • 10/25 – Tacos
Hall Rentals
The MBPOA hall is available for party rentals. Please call 631-806-1109 for rate and availability.
Public Input Sought on Community Reconstruction

The first public meeting on how to move forward in reconstructing from Super Storm Sandy was held on Wednesday September 25th at the Wm Floyd High School. The open house from 6pm to 9pm led residents through various exercises to engage them in problem solving in the following areas: Infrastructure, Natural and Cultural Resources, Housing, Economic Growth, Health and Social Services and Community Planning and Capacity Building. The Committee made up of various community leaders from civic groups, the school board, municipal officials, fire department etc. had given some basic suggestions and ideas that the public was able to weigh in on. Maps with markers were provided and residents were encouraged to mark them up with their ideas. Ideas ranging from, a kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding blue trail along the waterfront, to scenic bike routes, to marketing our historic sites, to establishing a Nature Center at Violets Cove, restore beaches, raised boardwalks over the dirt roads on the waterfront, charter fishing piers, fishing docks, kayak launch sites, revitalize Neighborhood Rd, sea walls, bulk heading, green home initiatives, raising of homes, razing of homes, raising of roads, better storm drainage, dredging of waterways, rebuilding of the dunes, shellfish reseeding programs and more. There will be another public meeting at the high school on October 23rd at 6pm. This meeting will have a presentation so please be on time.

We encourage everyone to come and participate in what you would like for the the future of Mastic Beach. 
New York State Required Safe Boating Course
The MBPOA will be sponsoring a two night safe boating course to full fill the NY State requirements beginning November 6, 2013. The course will cost $25 per person and will be on October 9th and 10th from 7 pm - approx. 10 pm at the MBPOA clubhouse, 31 Neighborhood Road, Mastic Beach
To sign up please call Kevin Collins @ 399-6111 and leave a message.
Call as soon as possible so we can arrange to have the correct materials available.
Marina and Beach Report

The electric is working at Section 1 Marina. Marina guards will be ending on October 13 and all boats need to be removed from the marina's by November 15. All ladders, ropes and hardware must be removed also.

Monthly Calendar

Oct. 3rd – General Meeting – 7:30 pm
Oct. 4th – Country Dancing – 7:30 pm
Oct. 7th – Country Dance Lessons – 7:30pm
Oct. 11th – Meet & Greet Friday – 7:00 pm
Oct. 14th – Country Dance Lessons – 7:30pm
Oct. 17th – Board of Directors Meeting – 7:00 pm
Oct. 18th – Country Dancing – 7:30 pm
Oct. 21st – Country Dance Lessons – 7:30pm
Oct. 23rd – Public Meeting at HS – 6:00 pm
Oct. 25th – Meet & Greet Friday – 7:00 pm
Oct. 28th – Country Dance Lessons – 7:30pm

Future Events
November 2 – Night at the Races
November 7– General Meeting – 7:30 pm
November 21– Board of Directors – 7:00 pm
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Saturday, September 14, 2013


Editor: Catherine D. Kobasiuk Assistant: Marina Kobasiuk

August General Meeting

The M.B.P.O.A. celebrated their 85th anniversary at the August General Meeting. To commemorate the festivities on the tables were packets of old Minutes and Newsletters from the M.B.P.O.A. Also on the tables were centerpieces announcing the 85th anniversary.

The meeting began with an explanation by Vice President Michael Kobasiuk that Gerald Ludwig, our recent interim President had asked to step down for personal reasons and that former Recording Secretary, Jean San Martin had graciously offered to step in and fill the vacancy. County Legislator Kate Browning swore in our new interim President, Jean San Martin and then presented a Proclamation in honor of the M.B.P.O.A.'s 85th anniversary.

Jean San Martin being sworn in by Legislator Kate Browning

The Board of Directors would like to thank Gerry Ludwig for helping us out at a difficult time, and wish him the best of luck. We are sure we will be seeing him around the club.

The meeting continued with a presentation from Brookhaven Town Supervisor Edward Romaine and Brookhaven Town Councilman Dan Panico commemorating the M.B.P.O.A.'s anniversary and all we have done for our community in the past 85 years.

Supervisor Edward Romaine and Councilman Dan Panico with the Officers and Board of Directors
The business of the meeting then continued until the reading of the Minutes. Instead of reading the minutes from the previous month's general meeting Recording Secretary Catherine D. Kobasiuk read excerpts from minutes from a general meeting in 1943. When our old and new business, which included reminders of upcoming events, was concluded the celebration of our anniversary progressed. First, favorite stories of the M.B.P.O.A. from various Directors and Officers were read by the Recording Secretary . Then the membership was asked to stand up and tell their favorite memories of the M.B.P.O.A. Some very
interesting stories were told An lovely story was told by Eleanor Roberts about attending a barn dance in the clubhouse with her parents when she was a young girl.

Past Presidents Wives: Lynne DeBona, Eleanor Kobasiuk and Marie Riebe

The meeting was then adjourned for cake, coffee and mimosas with a selection of music encompassing the last 85 years playing in the background.

September General Meeting
The September general meeting will be on September 5. Our guest speaker will be Maria Brady from the Mastic Beach Ambulance Company. Maria will be showing us the latest techniques in CPR.

Marina and Beach Report
Volunteers Director Kevin Collins, Director Chris Zarcone, Eddie Ambrose, Leslie Finch, 
Director Maura Spery, Director Michelle Wilkinson and her sons; spread five yards of 
gravel throughout the Section I Marina parking lot in preparation of the Blue Claw Crab Festival. 

With shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows, they leveled out most of the ruts and holes. The majority of the electrical work has been completed on the west side of Section I Marina, 
but progress has been stalled due to LIPA's slow response to our request to
 connect the feeder cables to the overhead power. Once we have power, the system can be evaluated and a punch list will be developed to address any potential deficiencies.
Blue Claw Crab Festival
A report on the Blue Claw Crab Festival will be in next months newsletter.

Music By the Bay
The evening sky graced us with a beautiful display of pink streaked clouds as southern breezes kept temperatures pleasant and the mosquitoes away. The weather was perfect for our annual sunset concert at Marina I. 

The free to the public event showcased local bands starting with the talented Pandafan; Grace DeNatale, Delaney Hafener and Joe Mineo, all multi-instrumentalists and natural vocalists, who brought their unique brand of indie-folk to the stage. Our own local Mastic Beach Fire Department Chief Mike Montello, Roy Arcuri, Mike Geremia and Jarrad Nickels of the Black Circle Project rocked out the place playing energetic covers of the best 90’s alternative rock. 

The final act of the night was the versatile and innovative Touch of Grey who entertained the crowd with some of rock and blues best songs. MB Ambulance Company volunteer Tom Brady, Joe Corridore, Roy Birkbeck and Ed Andersen also graciously backed MBPOA director, Maura Spery, on one of her original rock songs.
Thanks to all the Board and all the volunteers who make this event possible. Special thanks to
Legislator Kate Browning for her continued support of the MBPOA in bringing cultural arts in to the community. 

Snapper Derby

On August 17 the Mastic Beach Property Owner Association, in conjunction with the Mastic Beach Yacht Club, held our annual Snapper Derby. The weather was extraordinary with light winds and blue skies.

There were 35 entrants over the course of the two sessions ranging in age from 4 years to 12 years old. The winner of the 10 am session was 10 year old Hailey Lake with a snapper of 6.5 inches long. The winner of the 11 am session was 9 year old Jordan Rios with an 8.5 inch snapper. The Honorable Mention for the most unusual fish caught went to 11 year old Aubren Villasenor for hooking a 9 inch fluke.

After fishing the children went over to the near by Mastic Beach Yacht Club for hot dogs and sodas. Prizes were given to the winners and other randomly chosen contestants. The prizes were donated by Joan Roth of the Mastic Beach Yacht Club in honor of her husband. The bait and fishing poles were provided at cost by Dicks Bait and Tackle, 386 Neighborhood Road. Thank you very much Dick's.

Director Bill Hack organized and set up the derby. He was aided in registration and baiting hooks by Officers Catherine and Michael Kobasiuk and Director Michelle Wilkinson. A very big thank you to Bob Schomber, who's father was a past M.B.P.O.A. President, for all his help with setting up poles and measuring fish.

Volunteer Work

A request for student volunteers has been published in the St. Jude Bulletin. If anyone has children or grandchildren who need to accumulate volunteer hours please have them call Recording Secretary Catherine Kobasiuk at 281-8430.

Country Dance Lessons

  • Line Dance lessons start Monday September 9 at 7:30 PM until 10:00 PM. 
    • From beginners to intermediate/advanced
    • Guest $8
    • Members $6
    • Bring your own refreshments.
    Monthly Calendar
    Sept. 2nd – Labor Day
    Sept. 5th – General Meeting – 7:30 pm
    Sept. 6th – Country Dancing – 7:30 pm
    Sept. 9th – Country Dance Lessons – 7:30pm
    Sept. 13th – Meet & Greet Friday – 7:00 pm
    Sept. 16th – Country Dance Lessons – 7:30pm
    Sept. 19th – Board of Directors Meeting – 7:00 pm
    Sept. 20th – Country Dancing – 7:30 pm
    Sept. 23rd – Country Dance Lessons – 7:30pm
    Sept. 27th – Meet & Greet Friday – 7:00 pm

    Photos of our events this month were provided by Director Fred Tims and

    Future Events
    October 3rd – General Meeting – 7:30 pm
    October 17th – Board of Directors Meeting – 7:00 pm

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    Printable PDF of the September 2013 Newsletter is here