Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Editor: Catherine D. Kobasiuk            Assistant: Marina Kobasiuk 

Presidents Inaugural Message

If someone asked you, What is the Mastic Beach Property Owners Association? What would you say? You could say it is a property or homeowners association but by today’s standards that is inaccurate and would lead to misunderstanding. You might say it is a not for profit group but that only really explains the MBPOA's tax status. You may even say it is a local civic club but that would hardly give the true breadth and scope of what the Mastic Beach Property Owners Association is to its members and what it is to Mastic Beach.

In 1928 a number of Mastic Beach Property Owners formed the MBPOA. They formed the organization to help them support and enjoy their properties and their lives in Mastic Beach. Over the years the MBPOA has supported what it's members have supported. It has been a helpmate to other organizations in Mastic Beach and allowed it's members to affect change in the world around them. The MBPOA has given purpose, identity and a sense of community to it's members and the residents of Mastic Beach.

I remember as a child swimming at Washington Drive Beach and thinking that the teenager working at the beach was so cool. I remember taking evening walks with my family by Marina 1 and being as awed by the boats as I was of the exotic animals at the zoo, ( my parents never owned a boat). I remember, while I was dating Michael, his father( Fred Kobasiuk) became President of the MBPOA. In typical teenager fashion I had very little interest in something I thought had nothing to do with me. I remember when Michael and I were married and bought our house we became members in our own right and years later Michael and I started going to meeting and volunteering our time to help with projects. To me the Mastic Beach Property Owners was not an evil empire but was an intrinsic part of the flavor and structure of my home town of Mastic Beach.

Back to my initial question, “What is the MBPOA?” Well, how about what it isn't? It isn't one religion, it isn't one creed, it isn't one interest group ( not just boating, not just beaches and now not just mastic beach property owners). It isn't one event ( not just a dance, or a festival or a scholarship fund raiser). It isn't one mission (not just clean streets, not just the environment, not just vinyl siding on the clubhouse). The MBPOA is a myriad number of things, of plans, of values. The MBPOA is different things to different people at different times of their lives.

The new question should be “What do we want the Mastic Beach Property Owners Association to be?” I'm sure this question has as many answers as there are members of the MBPOA. The goal of my term as president of the MBPOA is to empower the membership to mold the MBPOA into what we need and want it to be for us now and in the future. I hope to enable everyone here to be able to expand the MBPOA not just in numbers but in demographics. To increase not only our volunteer workforce but to increase our opportunities to learn from each other and to forge friendships. Because volunteering to do something , something in your community, something in your association, something you see as worthwhile is not a chore but a privilege. It is an opportunity to not only change the world around you but to change yourself. When you become fully engaged in the world around you, you have the chance to expand your pride in your community while sharing mutual experiences with your friends and families in support of the Mastic Beach Property Owners Association.

- Catherine D. Kobasiuk October 2, 2014

October General Meeting

The October General Meeting was the MBPOA Installation Ceremony for the new officers and directors. The oaths of office were given by Suffolk County Legislator Kate Browning and New York State Assembly Member Edward Hennessey. Also in attendance were Islip Supervisor Tom Croci who presented certificates for our officers from New York State Senator Lee Zeldin and Town of Brookhaven Supervisor Edward Romaine who also spoke and presented certificates for our out going directors.

Our new President Catherine Kobasiuk gave out certificates of appreciation to this years out going directors Larry Tellefsen, Robert Muse, Maura Spery and Fred Tims. In addition President Kobasiuk gave certificates to our two interim Presidents for their support of the MBPOA, Jean San Martin and Gerald Ludwig. President Kobasiuk then addressed the membership (see above). The meeting then concluded with light snacks, cake and champagne punch.

General Meeting

The November General Meeting will be on November 6. Remember to bring something for the MBPOA Food Drive.

Marina News

The marina guards have finished for the season. The water is now off at the marinas for safety reasons. The electric will remain on until November 15. You may leave your boat in the marinas until November 15 at your own risk. When removing your boat for the winter please remember to remove all hardware, ropes and other things from the poles and docks. They get in the way when the poles are prepared for the winter. Slip renters who leave materials on the poles and docks will be fined.

Nite at the Races

The Autumn Nite at the Races will be on November 8. Dinner is at 7pm and post time will be at 8pm. Tickets are $20 per member and $25 per non-member and at the door. Please buy in advance so we know how much food to purchase. Included is dinner, beer, wine, soda, coffee and desert. Remember to bring money to bet on the horses. Our Nite at the Races events are very popular and always a great time. Don't forget to bring something for the new MBPOA Food Drive.

Fridays Nights

Friday nights are Meet & Greet at the MBPOA Clubhouse Bar. Members and their guests are invited to stop by for a drink (alcoholic or not) and a chat. Nights that are not Country Dancing nights sometimes become karaoke nights. Bring something for the new MBPOA Food Drive.

Monday Nights

The clubhouse bar is open on Monday Nights for regular season Monday Night Football. All members are invited and their guests. The clubhouse will be open one hour before game time courtesy of Vice President Michael Kobasiuk.

Country Dancing

Country Dancing will be held on November 7 and 21. Admission is $8 for MBPOA members and $10 for guests. There is a 50/50 raffle, complimentary coffee and cake and a cash bar. No outside beverages please. Remember to bring something for the MBPOA Food Drive.

Hall Rental News

Director Michelle Wilkinson has been doing a brisk business renting the halls for the MBPOA. If you would like to rent the hall please call the clubhouse number 399-6111 and leave your number with a message or fill out the request form on our website www.masticbeachpropertyownersassociation.org

Installation photos courtesy of Pat Liberti toydocter@verizon.net

Neighborhood Notes

Please note that the Suffolk County Police Department Drug Drop Off Program will be held the First Wednesday of each month at Mastic Recreation Center / Senior Nutrition 15 Herkimer Street, Mastic.

November Monthly Calendar

November 4th – Election Day

November 6th – General Meeting – 7:30pm

November 7th - Country Dancing – 7:30pm*

November 8th – Nite at the Races - 7pm

November 11th – Veterans Day

November 14th - Meet & Greet – 7pm*

November 20th - Board of Directors – 7pm

November 21st – Country Dancing – 7:30pm*

November 27th – Thanksgiving Day

*Bar Open 

Future Events

December 4th - General Meeting – 7:30pm

December 5th – Country Dancing

December 20th - Board of Directors Meeting – 7pm

December 21st – Country Dancing

December 25th – Christmas Day

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