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Editor: Catherine D. Kobasiuk Assistant: Marina Kobasiuk

A Letter to our Members,

This corporation shall be known as the Mastic Beach Property Owners Association, Inc. The objectives of this Association are: The promulgation of acquaintance, good will, protection of its interests and the interests of its members; To encourage and promote action by the property owners and residents of Mastic Beach in the improvement and general welfare of the community; To promote and preserve harmony, cooperation and communication among all Members; and To promote activities for the social entertainment and recreation of its members.”

This is the mission statement of the 85 year old MBPOA. We the Officers and Directors, who are all volunteers, respect the history of this organization and take pride in representing it.

This past fall our marinas were badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The most costly and difficult damage occurred to Section 1 Marina's electrical system and Section 5 Marina's west side docks. Now unpaid volunteers of the MBPOA along with licensed contractors are trying to get the marinas back to pre-Sandy operations with an eye toward future storms and flooding. The volunteers of the MBPOA have been spending hundreds of man-hours on the MBPOA properties while also repairing or sometimes delaying their own personal Hurricane Sandy damage repairs.

Our goal was to have the electric working at Section 1 by May 15th. However, we have come up against various difficulties and roadblocks posed by the Village of Mastic Beach which have caused a difficult job to become nearly impossible. We have been unable to get a working relationship established with the Village of Mastic Beach and in an attempt to navigate the new bureaucracy we have found it necessary to hire a professional expediter. Unfortunately, this has not made things move any smoother or quicker in terms of getting our repairs to our marinas done. We are not asking for any special consideration; all we are asking for is consistent and fair treatment by the Village of Mastic Beach so that we can continue to serve our community.

In the past, though not easy at times, we have been able to work hand-in-hand with other levels of government to maintain and preserve our properties for our members and the whole of the Mastic Beach Community. We have been able to reach accords with even the exacting DEC. At this time we are still striving to establish a mutually beneficial working relationship with the Village of Mastic Beach, while at the same time trying to repair our properties and recover from Hurricane Sandy so that our members and our community may again enjoy our beautiful waterfront. We ask you for your patience and support as we do our best in dealing with the Village Officials.

The Officers and the Board of Directors of the MBPOA

May General Meeting

The monthly general meeting began with the Financial Report read by Vice President Michael Kobasiuk,including the Treasurers Report. Treasurer Rickie Walsh was at home with a broken foot. ( Feel Better Rickie ) After the reading of the April Minutes and the correspondence our first special speaker was introduced. Anastasia M. Hagan spoke about her work at Uniting Against Lung Cancer , . She outlined how lung cancer isn't just about smokers anymore and the work Uniting Against Lung Cancer is helping fund.

Our second speaker was New York State Senator Lee Zeldin. Mr. Zeldin spoke about the governmental process for the replenishment of the dunes on Fire Island, raising the standard for sober homes in Suffolk County, and the June 1st Tri-Hamlet Day. Mr. Zeldin also discussed funding for our area including a sewer infrastructure, Bayview Park, the Legion fields and also trail blazing signs on the major highways.

The general meeting continued with committee reports. Work is continuing at the marinas and stick docks can be rebuilt by the renters. See Director Kevin Collins for specifications on individual docks. Director Michelle Wilkinson thanked Kevin for all the work he has done and over seen. President Gerry Ludwig thanked all the Directors especially Kevin Collins and Chris Zarcone for their work on the marinas.

Spring Clean Up

On Saturday May 11th members got together to clean up the clubhouse grounds while others continued with repairs at Section 1 Marina. The rain held off for a little while but eventually we all got wet. Big thank yous to Chis Zarcone for spear heading the clubhouse cleanup and to Kevin Collins for organizing the marina work as per usual.

Newsletter Update
The MBPOA Newsletter is now being archived on line at . Past newsletters can be accessed at this address. So can the latest advertisers page and any newsletter includes. Do not forget to bookmark this page along with the MBPOA home page at .

Marina Work
Repair work at Sections 1 & 5 Marinas continued this month. The finger dock at Section 5 on the east side was repaired. The damage caused by a careless driver at Section 1 on the east side was repaired. Director Vic Viola has been repairing the floating barge which is essential to our maintenance of the poles in the spring and fall. Director Chris Zarcone has been working night and day on electrical issues in both marinas. Director Kevin Collins has been very busy dealing with legal issues regarding the marinas.
As of now 85% of the east side of Section 1 Marina has electrical power. The lights on the north end are still being repaired. The water in Section 1 Marina should be on within the week.
The west side of Marina 1 is being held up due to permit/variance/easement issues with the Village of Mastic Beach.
Section 5 Marina has all its power and lights on. The water should be working in a couple of weeks. Only the east side will be open and work will be continuing on repairing the west side of Section 5 as soon as possible.

Barge Being Fixed

Fixing the finger dock:Zarcone, Kobasiuk and Janseen

The MBPOA will be holding a tag sale on June 15th from 9 am to 3 pm in our parking lot. Rid your home of clutter or sell your crafts and art by purchasing a parking spot for $20 ($25 for non members). We handle all the permits and advertising, you just set up your stuff and keep all your profits! If you are not selling, come down and see what is available; find a unique gift for a teacher or wedding, refurnish your home, get ready for a new addition by reclaiming a crib or stroller, find a piece of accent jewelry from a crafter. There is bound to be something for everyone! Funds raised will go towards the rebuilding of our marinas and the care of our properties. Bring your own table or one table and two chairs will be provided at an additional cost of $5 per table.  An application form is included with this newsletter.

Monthly Calendar

June 6th General Meeting 7:30PM
June 7th Country Dancing 7:30 PM
June 14th Meet and Greet Clubhouse Bar
June 15th MBPOA Tag Sale 9am – 3pm
June 16th Father's Day
June 20th Board of Directors 7:00PM
June 21st Country Dancing 7:30 PM
June 28th Meet and Greet Clubhouse Bar

Coming Soon

July 27th Music By the Bay
Aug. 25th MBPOA Crabfest


--The Mastic Beach Property Owners are now sponsoring a YUMA Softball Team for
6- 10 year old girls.

--Do not forget that
Friday nights are Meet and Greet Nites at the club house bar. 7:30 PM

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