Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January 2016

January 2016 Newsletter

Editor: Catherine D. Kobasiuk 

Letter from the President

A belated Happy New Year to all of the members of the Mastic Beach Property Owners Association. As is my custom I like to write a missive for the newsletter at this time of year but instead of waxing poetic I think I will try and stick to practicalities this year. The picture behind the title for this edition of the MBPOA Newsletter is of my Super Storm Sandy damaged home being elevated. Luckily my family and I are living nearby while the work is done but the situation has forced me to simplify all aspects of my life and to distill everything I do down to the essentials. This includes what I do for the MBPOA and what I try and focus on for the club.

Let us start first with this newsletter. I know a lot of people enjoy reading it every month but over the course of the last year I found I was printing a lot of the same things for the same people, people who were not reading the newsletter and getting the messages. In an effort to save both money and time I have come to the decision to publish the printed newsletter once every two months. It will make collecting content easier and free up some of my time for more dynamic work with the club. This issue you are reading now is very important because it lays out the ground work for the coming year and all the information that you should keep readily available. To stay in touch and up-to-date with the club between newsletter issues everyone should follow the club on Twitter, Facebook and/or sign up on our email list. We tend to send out reminders by email for upcoming events and any changes as they occur including information on local events and notices.

Last year the club made some improvements, which included painting the whole clubhouse and improving some of our events. We are trying to bring more variety to Friday nights and encourage more youth to participate in club activities. The board is making an effort to make it worth our members while to join every year. Our members get discounts on event tickets and hall rentals. They also get a discount at the bar on Friday nights. We have been giving two Scholarships a year to graduates from William Floyd High School for many years and we are hoping to expand this to more in the near future. Membership dues help maintain our properties, pay our taxes and support our scholarships, charitable donations and many events throughout the year.

In this newsletter you will find a list of MBPOA events and their dates. We hope this makes it easy for our members to make plans and to volunteer to help. Of course reminders will be emailed out with details as each event draws closer. We run a variety of events during the year which we hope will appeal to a variety of people including families with children. Even better than attending our events is volunteering to help at them. Our volunteers, both adults and students, are important to us. It is a great way to make friends and broaden your knowledge of various activities, of Mastic Beach and the MBPOA. The Board is always looking for new ideas for our events. We encourage our members to attend our General Membership Meetings and help brainstorm and make suggestions.

While writing this letter I am looking out at the snow left by winter storm Jonas and trying to picture how I want to spend 2016. I hope everyone reading this will be thinking about how they want to include the MBPOA in their plans for the year and how becoming involved would add excitement to their families lives. Our club derives it's lifeblood from you it's members each and every day of the year. I would also like to thank everyone who has helped the MBPOA in any capacity in the past year. I look forward to a productive and entertaining year ahead where I can make new friends and spend time with old friends.

Catherine D. Kobasiuk, President, MBPOA

2016 MBPOA Calendar of Events


-Monthly General Meetings with guest speakers : First Thursday of the Month

-Monthly Board of Directors Meetings : Third Thursday of the Month

-Superbowl Sunday : Sunday February 7

-Spring Nite at the Races : Saturday March 12

-With 1 Brush Stroke Art Auction : Sunday April 10

-Great American Clean up Day : to be determined

-MBPOA Yard Sale : Saturday May 14

-Memorial Day Parade : Monday May 30

-Tri-Hamlet Day : Saturday June 4

-U.S. Coast Guard Aux. Boat Inspections : to be determined

-Music By the Bay : Saturday July 23

-MBPOA Anniversary Party/August General Meeting : Thursday August 4

-Smith Point Triathlon : Sunday August 7

-Blue Claw Crab Festival : Sunday August 28

-Snapper Derby : Saturday September 3

-Officer Installation/October General Meeting : Thursday October 6

-Children's Halloween Party : Friday October 28

-Adult Halloween Party : Friday October 28

-Autumn Nite at the Races : Saturday November 12

-Holiday Decorating: Monday November 28

-Members Christmas Party/December Meeting :Friday December 2

-New Years Eve Party : Saturday December 31

Friday Night Schedule:

1st Fridays: Karaoke Night
2nd Fridays: Card and Game Night
3rd Fridays: Country Dancing
4th Fridays: Community Activity Committee Night
5th Fridays: Guest Bartender Night (5)

MBPOA Contact Information


Street Address: 31 Neighborhood Road, Mastic Beach, NY 11951

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 212. Mastic Beach, NY 11951

Email Address

Main Website:

Newsletter Website:

Facebook: Mastic Beach Property Owners Association

Twitter: @MBPOA

Telephone Number: 631-399-6111

FAX Number
: 631-399-6198

Marina 1 Street Address: 97 East Riviera Drive, Mastic Beach, NY 11951

Marina 1 Telephone Number: 631-772-5272

Other Regular Club Meetings at the MBPOA


Monday Morning - Seniors
Tuesday Morning - Homemakers
Tuesday Evening - All Faith Soccer – Board Meeting
Wednesday Morning - Seniors

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